Structured online training for 2022

Helen says … Tuesday night Sessions will be unlike normal Spinningsessions as they are designed for turbo trainers and use power zones as the main metric. Music is still played but unlike Spin classes we don’t necessarily react to it, it is there to distract and motivate in the background. However, it is specially selected […]

Kit Window October 2021

Hi all, I’ve opened the BioRacer kit window. Window will close 31st Oct. Please have a look around, buy what you think you’ll need come Jan onwards! Delivery will come to me, around 7-8 weeks so maybe in time for Christmas. There are 3 distinct ranges on offer for both Men and Women. “Club” fit […]

B Intro 2021/10/24

Today’s B Intro riders congregated at Aldeli, unsure of what lay ahead weather wise. Forecasts of rain all morning or dry all morning, we weren’t really sure but as it turned out, we barely saw any rain and the roads were mostly dry. Ian Miller, Bill Bilson, Oliver Reece, Nic Reece, Dave Jones and Paul […]

B 2021/10/24

Well the weather was much drier than anyone expected – much to the disappointment of those that were proudly displaying extended mud-flaps – making for a very enjoyable B ride out to Delamere. The wind was a bit challenging at times but the load was shared throughout the group with lots of strong turns on […]

C#1 Ride 2021/10/24

As a six we set off on a C ride, with a few lumps around Prestbury, to get the heart rate up, before heading round the lanes back to Aldeli. I had planned a half way pit stop at Bidlea, wasn’t expecting to go pumpkin picking… Thanks David Ryan, Phil Gartell, Helen Hall, Caitrin Adorian, […]

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