B 2021/10/24

Well the weather was much drier than anyone expected – much to the disappointment of those that were proudly displaying extended mud-flaps – making for a very enjoyable B ride out to Delamere.

The wind was a bit challenging at times but the load was shared throughout the group with lots of strong turns on the front. We made an impromptu stop at Delamere to investigate what was first thought to be an issue with one of Adrian’s pedals/cleats and later turned out to be a cracked crank arm! This gave Adrian something of an unwanted challenge (especially for his left leg) but he managed to nurse it home successfully.

Aside from that everything went swimmingly with a special mention for Helen Thomas who seemed very comfortable today on her first B ride – with more to come hopefully.

Thanks to my lovely assistant Paul Deans and to everyone else for the usual great company.

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