B Intro 2021/10/24

Today’s B Intro riders congregated at Aldeli, unsure of what lay ahead weather wise. Forecasts of rain all morning or dry all morning, we weren’t really sure but as it turned out, we barely saw any rain and the roads were mostly dry.
Ian Miller, Bill Bilson, Oliver Reece, Nic Reece, Dave Jones and Paul Whittingham set off from Aldeli and some great group riding and chatter ensued and before we knew it, we were at Glebe Farm having scones and cakes and coffee. Was nice to welcome Nic on her first club ride 👍
The shorter run home with a tail wind was appreciated and after a couple of climbs at the end (Pexhill and Birtles) we were back at the start and another top Club Ride completed.
Enjoyed your company, the route, the weather and the great group riding – thanks to everyone

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