Club Newsletter #6

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The Club Committee would like to wish all club members a very Happy New Year!
In addition to sharing our best wishes for the year, we want to let you all know what is being planned for 2022 and to remind anyone that hasn’t already renewed their club membership, that these are now due.
All club memberships (excluding memberships purchased since September 2021) expired at the end of December and therefore, if you haven’t already, now is the time to renew. If you are uncertain of whether your membership is up for renewal, contact [insert details Sue / Adrian who will confirm].

What is Planned

During 2021, we launched a new website with a members’ area. Further developments are planned in line with our aim to improve planning and to reduce the club’s reliance on Facebook as the medium through which club activities are promoted and managed. One thing that we have never really cracked before is having an easily accessed calendar of club activities and other relevant (cycling related) events. We will soon be launching a calendar that will enable members to see what is coming up months in advance and potentially plan other things around this, avoiding frustration and disappointment. Members will be able to add into the calendar information regarding events such as races, sportives / charity rides that they feel other members may wish to participate in or watch.
Accessing the calendar will require members to have log-in to the website, so if you don’t already have access [insert details, e.g. contact Phil G via …..].

Get Ready for Spring
Building on the previously successful Spin sessions at Energie, the club has once again secured the services of Helen Farrow, or ‘Helga’ as she is lovingly referred to by our own Danielle!! Helen will be running a 12-week block of home-based spinpower structured training sessions via Zoom (see the announcement on the club FB page). The first session took place on Tuesday 4 Jan at 19:00 and subsequent sessions will continue in this weekly slot. You don’t have to sign up to all 12 and the cost to you is just £4.00 per session. Staying

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