A Ride

Ride Leader(s): Wai Lee
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    A Rides – This ride averages over 19 mph on the flat. Typically, they will not regroup or stop unless necessary. Flat rides tend to be longer than 55 miles. Hilly routes can be challenging with little time spent waiting on the climbs. Riders are expected to be highly experienced in group riding, at pace, in a close formation including descending and cornering at the speed of the group.

Start: April 30, 2022
9:00 am

Total coming: 1
Ride starts from Cheadle Leisure Centre and heads south towards Wilmslow via Heald Green, Styal and Morley Green. There is slightly more riding on the road than previous rides but this is more than made up by a look at the tunnels under the runway at the airport and a ride over the old Wilmslow landfill site (dont worry it doesn’t smell). Route is suitable for all off road capable bikes apart from one short descent where MTB’s are needed to avoid a short walk.

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