Structured Online Training

Meeting ID: 839 9571 1120
Passcode: 148310

Cost: £4 per person per session (payment details to follow)

Helen says … Tuesday night Sessions will be unlike normal Spinning®️sessions as they are designed for turbo trainers and use power zones as the main metric. Music is still played but unlike Spin classes we don’t necessarily react to it, it is there to distract and motivate in the background. However, it is specially selected by bpm to help match the RPM of the session.

If you don’t have power on your bike, you can of course still join! You can use your HR (working at, above or below your Threshold) combined with Rate of perceived exertion. HR on its own is just a guide as it can be influenced by so many other factors.

For those without metrics I will always describe the intensity of an interval so you know how hard you should be going. For example, power zone 3 is below Threshold, so think effort level 6/10, moderate to hard effort but could be maintained for a longer time. Whereas Power Zone 4 is threshold, more like a 7-8/10, very hard effort, think time-trial pace! After a few sessions it all becomes second nature and of course I layer on RPM or speed guidance.

From a practical point of view of joining sessions on Zoom they are best viewed on a laptop or tablet so you can then see all the other people riding with you! You can of course join just from your mobile in which case you either see just myself and yourself on the screen or a maximum of 4 people at a time.
For best audio connect with wireless headphones so it blocks out the noise of the turbo/Wattbike at your end and you can hear directions and music clearly!

Any other questions just get in touch!

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