Maverick Track

A growing number of Mavericks have gained accreditation at the NCC and now regularly train and race on the famous boards.​

Track League

Our members use those skills and training to race in the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) track league on Monday nights and the Manchester Regional Track League (MRTL) on Fridays.

Lyme Valley Stadium

MCC also trains and races at the Lyme Valley stadium in Newcastle-Under-Lyme home to the Brooks Cycles Track League which runs on Thursday nights.
Each of these race leagues consist of a number of racing groups and riders are allocated a group according to their ability and experience. The races are fast and furious but great fun. Starting in the lowest group gives those new to racing a great grounding in technique and tactics.
Most riders are respectful and appreciate that most of us have jobs and families to wake up to the following morning so endeavour to ride safely!
It’s a great way to build fitness and have fun. Off the track, between races, there’s a great community spirit and plenty of help, advise and banter!
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Or chat to regular CMCC track racers Phil Braybrooke, Dan Gooding and Adrian Trott.

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