What's my pace?

We can sometimes be unsure of which is the best group for ones own ability, we don’t want to be struggling in a group too fastener do we want to pressure other riders being in a group with a pace that is not quite up their with your own.

Determining your pace can be a little challenging for many reasons, to address this the club has created some test pace routes for members to hopefully determine the right group for them.

So how does this work, hopefully the description below will help. 

We have created some different routes, a flat, lumpy and flat route, they pretty much explain themselves what they are.

The routes can be viewed by clicking one of the links below, this will detail the route created in RideWithGPS and there is the option to download the route for you computer.

Choose the route you want and go out and ride it, don’t think of your pace, just ride it as you would want to ride a typical club route, you can go hard or easy it does not matter, but remember how you ride it will be how you would have to ride the group ride.

Once you have finished the route make a note of your time in minutes. Using the mini calculator on this page, select the ride type and enter in your minutes, you will then be given an indication on what route will best suit you. 

We appreciate that the time for the route maybe slightly different that a group ride, i.e. if you did the ride on your own you would not get the drafting effect, we have taken this into account with our recommended timings. 

You can choose to ride the routes solo or with others, there is no right or wrong. You also do not need to post your times or discuss with anyone if you feel you do not want to, you just need the time to calculate your best group option.

Be honest with yourself on the test ride, it is the best way to ensure you are in the right group.

As always ride safe and have FUN!

The flat route is approx 73kms and as the name suggests flat, there are a few small bumps but nothing that would not make this a flat route.

The lumpy route is approx 58kms. It has quite a bit of flat but with a few lumps and bumps where the pace can drop off. It is a good test to see how the legs can handle the variable terrain.

The hilly section is around 53km long and has some cheeky gradients. Naturally the pace is slower for this route and some people are stronger on hills whilst others stronger on the flat, it is a good indication for when a hilly route is posted.

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