Potholes and Punctures

New from Cheshire Maverick CC – the everyman and woman of cycling podcasts. Whether you are old and grizzly, middle aged and flabby or young, shiny and full of enthusiasm this is a pod for you! From top tips on buying your first road bike to insights on fitness for Spring or fuelling for your first 100 and from mechanical mishaps and kit conundrums, there’s something for everyone. It’s not all about being the fastest of thinnest – this is simply your friendly companion in a world often difficult to navigate. Come with us as we enlist the experts to help us debunk the jargon and demystify the myths of the sport we love.*Music expertly performed and produced by Nick Cavill (while ‘working’ from home)**Ginger tea expertly provided by Jen***The term ‘Bike Cave’ is a Wai&Dan enterprise

Stage 10: Evil KOM Stealer Tom and The Return of Bicycle Bingo.

Stage 11: Bike fit and century fail

Stage 6: A Beginner’s Guide to Bike Riding: Martin the Mechanic – The Lockdown Lowdown

Stage 7: Cyclists Fighting Cancer Bank Holiday Special

Stage 8: The Baby Edition – new borns, lost KOMs and smoke sodden turbos.

Stage 9: What a load of kit

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